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 * Dropped support for Python 2.5 and 3.1.
 * Removed the ``sphinx.ext.oldcmarkup`` extension.
 * The deprecated config values ``exclude_trees``, ``exclude_dirnames`` and
   ``unused_docs`` have been removed.
 * A new node, ``sphinx.addnodes.literal_strong``, has been added, for text that
   should appear literally (i.e. no smart quotes) in strong font.  Custom writers
   will have to be adapted to handle this node.
 * Added ``sphinx.ext.napoleon`` extension for NumPy and Google style docstring
 * PR#202: Allow "." and "~" prefixed references in ``:param:`` doc fields
   for Python.
 * PR#184: Add :confval:`autodoc_mock_imports`, allowing to mock imports of
   external modules that need not be present when autodocumenting.
 * #925: Allow list-typed config values to be provided on the command line,
   like ``-D key=val1,val2``.
 * #668: Allow line numbering of ``code-block`` and ``literalinclude`` directives
   to start at an arbitrary line number, with a new ``lineno-start`` option.
 * PR#172: The :rst:dir:`code-block` and :rst:dir:`literalinclude` directives now
   can have a ``filename`` option that shows a filename before the code in the
 * Prompt for the document language in sphinx-quickstart.
 Bugs fixed
   the full relative path and not the basename.
 * #1357: Option names documented by :rst:dir:`option` are now again allowed to
   not start with a dash or slash, and referencing them will work correctly.
+* #1358: Fix handling of image paths outside of the source directory when using
+  the "wildcard" style reference.

File doc/develop.rst

 This is the current list of contributed extensions in that repository:
-- aafig: render embeded ASCII art as nice images using aafigure_.
+- aafig: render embedded ASCII art as nice images using aafigure_.
 - actdiag: embed activity diagrams by using actdiag_
 - adadomain: an extension for Ada support (Sphinx 1.0 needed)
 - ansi: parse ANSI color sequences inside documents
-- autorun: Execute code in a runblock directive.
+- autorun: Execute code in a ``runblock`` directive.
 - blockdiag: embed block diagrams by using blockdiag_
 - cheeseshop: easily link to PyPI packages
 - clearquest: create tables from ClearQuest_ queries.
+- cmakedomain_: a domain for CMake_
 - coffeedomain: a domain for (auto)documenting CoffeeScript source code.
 - context: a builder for ConTeXt.
 - doxylink: Link to external Doxygen-generated HTML documentation
+- domaintools_: A tool for easy domain creation.
 - email: obfuscate email addresses
 - erlangdomain: an extension for Erlang support (Sphinx 1.0 needed)
 - exceltable: embed Excel spreadsheets into documents using exceltable_
 - feed: an extension for creating syndication feeds and time-based overviews
   from your site content
+- findanything_: an extension to add Sublime Text 2-like findanything panels
+  to your documentation to find pages, sections and index entries while typing
 - gnuplot: produces images using gnuplot_ language.
-- googleanalytics: track html visitors statistics
+- googleanalytics: track web visitor statistics by using `Google Analytics`_
 - googlechart: embed charts by using `Google Chart`_
 - googlemaps: embed maps by using `Google Maps`_
 - httpdomain: a domain for documenting RESTful HTTP APIs.
 - hyphenator: client-side hyphenation of HTML using hyphenator_
+- inlinesyntaxhighlight_: inline syntax highlighting
+- lassodomain: a domain for documenting Lasso_ source code
 - lilypond: an extension inserting music scripts from Lilypond_ in PNG format.
+- makedomain_: a domain for `GNU Make`_
+- matlabdomain: document MATLAB_ code.
+- mockautodoc: mock imports.
 - mscgen: embed mscgen-formatted MSC (Message Sequence Chart)s.
+- napoleon: supports `Google style`_ and `NumPy style`_ docstrings.
 - nicoviceo: embed videos from nicovideo
 - nwdiag: embed network diagrams by using nwdiag_
 - omegat: support tools to collaborate with OmegaT_ (Sphinx 1.1 needed)
 - paverutils: an alternate integration of Sphinx with Paver_.
 - phpdomain: an extension for PHP support
 - plantuml: embed UML diagram by using PlantUML_
+- py_directive: Execute python code in a ``py`` directive and return a math node.
 - rawfiles: copy raw files, like a CNAME.
 - requirements: declare requirements wherever you need (e.g. in test
   docstrings), mark statuses and collect them in a single list
+- restbuilder: a builder for reST (reStructuredText) files.
 - rubydomain: an extension for Ruby support (Sphinx 1.0 needed)
 - sadisplay: display SqlAlchemy model sadisplay_
-- sdedit: an extension inserting sequence diagram by using Quick Sequence.
+- sdedit: an extension inserting sequence diagram by using Quick Sequence
   Diagram Editor (sdedit_)
 - seqdiag: embed sequence diagrams by using seqdiag_
 - slide: embed presentation slides on slideshare_ and other sites.
-- swf: embed flash files
+- swf_: embed flash files
 - sword: an extension inserting Bible verses from Sword_.
 - tikz: draw pictures with the `TikZ/PGF LaTeX package`_.
 - traclinks: create TracLinks_ to a Trac_ instance from within Sphinx
 .. _seqdiag:
 .. _actdiag:
 .. _nwdiag:
+.. _Google Analytics:
 .. _Google Chart:
 .. _Google Maps:
+.. _Google style:
+.. _NumPy style:
 .. _hyphenator:
 .. _exceltable:
 .. _YouTube:
 .. _Zope interfaces:
 .. _slideshare:
 .. _TikZ/PGF LaTeX package:
+.. _MATLAB:
+.. _swf:
+.. _findanything:
+.. _cmakedomain:
+.. _GNU Make:
+.. _makedomain:
+.. _inlinesyntaxhighlight:
+.. _CMake:
+.. _domaintools:
+.. _restbuilder:
+.. _Lasso:

File doc/extdev/envapi.rst

    .. attribute:: app
-      Reference to the application object.
+      Reference to the :class:`.Sphinx` (application) object.
    .. attribute:: config

File sphinx/

             node['uri'] = rel_imgpath
             if rel_imgpath.endswith(os.extsep + '*'):
                 for filename in glob(full_imgpath):
-                    new_imgpath = relative_path(self.srcdir, filename)
+                    new_imgpath = relative_path(path.join(self.srcdir, 'dummy'),
+                                                filename)
                     if filename.lower().endswith('.pdf'):
                         candidates['application/pdf'] = new_imgpath
                     elif filename.lower().endswith('.svg'):

File sphinx/

         settings, source = self.document.settings, self.document['source']
         # XXX check if this is reliable
         assert source.startswith(env.srcdir)
-        docname = path.splitext(relative_path(env.srcdir, source))[0]
+        docname = path.splitext(relative_path(path.join(env.srcdir, 'dummy'),
+                                              source))[0]
         textdomain = find_catalog(docname,

File sphinx/util/

     Handles all possible cases of files, directories and subdirectories.
     if exclude_matchers:
-        relpath = relative_path(builder.srcdir, source)
+        relpath = relative_path(path.join(builder.srcdir, 'dummy'), source)
         for matcher in exclude_matchers:
             if matcher(relpath):