macfreek avatar macfreek committed c52f082

relative_uri patch. Fixes #916.

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         return to
     b2 = base.split(SEP)
     t2 = to.split(SEP)
-    # remove common segments
-    for x, y in zip(b2, t2):
+    # remove common segments (except the last segment)
+    for x, y in zip(b2[:-1], t2[:-1]):
         if x != y:
+    if b2 == t2:
+        # Special case: relative_uri('f/index.html','f/index.html')
+        # returns '', not 'index.html'
+        return ''
+    if len(b2) == 1 and t2 == ['']:
+        # Special case: relative_uri('f/index.html','f/') should 
+        # return './', not ''
+        return '.' +  SEP
     return ('..' + SEP) * (len(b2)-1) + SEP.join(t2)
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