Georg Brandl avatar Georg Brandl committed de5b15c

#370: complex arguments in list \item[] need to be enclosed in braces.

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 Release 0.6.6 (in development)
+* #370: Fix handling of complex list item labels in LaTeX output.
 * #374: Make the ``doctest_path`` config value of the doctest
   extension actually work.


     def visit_term(self, node):
-        ctx = '] \\leavevmode'
+        ctx = '}] \\leavevmode'
         if node.has_key('ids') and node['ids']:
             ctx += '\\hypertarget{%s}{}' % self.idescape(node['ids'][0])
-        self.body.append('\\item[')
+        self.body.append('\\item[{')
     def depart_term(self, node):
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