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Remove hard-coded "documentation" from HTML help output.

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 * sphinx.htmlwriter: Correctly write the TOC file for any structure of the
   master document.  Also encode non-ASCII characters as entities in TOC
-  and index file.
+  and index file.  Remove two remaining instances of hard-coded
+  "documentation".
 * Lots of little fixes to the LaTeX output and style.

File sphinx/

 Full-text search=Yes
 Index file=%(outname)s.hhk
-Title=%(project)s %(version)s Documentation
-%(outname)s="%(project)s %(version)s Documentation","%(outname)s.hhc","%(outname)s.hhk",\
     f = open(path.join(outdir, outname+'.hhp'), 'w')
         f.write(project_template % {'outname': outname,
+                                    'title': builder.config.html_title,
                                     'version': builder.config.version,
                                     'project': builder.config.project})
         if not outdir.endswith(os.sep):