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Markus Amalthea Magnuson  committed e447503

Add two missing epub options to the default conf.py

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File sphinx/quickstart.py

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 epub_publisher = u'%(author_str)s'
 epub_copyright = u'%(copyright_str)s'
+# The basename for the epub file. It defaults to the project name.
+#epub_basename = u'%(project_str)s'
+# The HTML theme for the epub output. Since the default themes are not optimized
+# for small screen space, using the same theme for HTML and epub output is
+# usually not wise. This defaults to 'epub', a theme designed to save visual
+# space.
+#epub_theme = 'epub'
 # The language of the text. It defaults to the language option
 # or en if the language is not set.
 #epub_language = ''