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autodoc detects descriptors properly now

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 * If the `pygments_style` config value contains a dot it's treated as the
   import path of a custom Pygments style class.
+* autodoc detects descriptors properly now
 * A new config value, `exclude_dirs`, can be used to exclude whole
   directories from the search for source files.

File sphinx/ext/autodoc.py

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 _module_charsets = {}
+def isdescriptor(x):
+    """Check if the object is some kind of descriptor."""
+    for item in '__get__', '__set__', '__delete__':
+        if callable(getattr(x, item, None)):
+            return True
+    return False
 def prepare_docstring(s):
     Convert a docstring into lines of parseable reST.  Return it as a list of
             if callable(member):
                 memberwhat = 'method'
-            elif isinstance(member, property):
+            elif isdescriptor(member):
                 memberwhat = 'attribute'
                 # XXX: todo -- attribute docs