Georg Brandl avatar Georg Brandl committed f2094bd

#424: Fix IndexError in viewcode extension.

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         # now that we have code lines (starting at index 1), insert anchors for
         # the collected tags (HACK: this only works if the tag boundaries are
         # properly nested!)
+        maxindex = len(lines)
         for name, docname in used.iteritems():
             type, start, end = tags[name]
             backlink = urito(pagename, docname) + '#' + modname + '.' + name
                 '<div class="viewcode-block" id="%s"><a class="viewcode-back" '
                 'href="%s">%s</a>' % (name, backlink, _('[docs]'))
                 + lines[start])
-            lines[end - 1] += '</div>'
+            lines[min(end - 1, maxindex)] += '</div>'
         # try to find parents (for submodules)
         parents = []
         parent = modname
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