Georg Brandl avatar Georg Brandl committed fa07b2d

Add more stuff to the autodoc test document, and fix two bugs.

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                 memberlist = self.object.__all__
-            memberlist = self.options.members
+            memberlist = self.options.members or []
         ret = []
-        for mname in memberlist or ():
+        for mname in memberlist:
                 ret.append((mname, getattr(self.object, mname)))
             except AttributeError:
         ret = ModuleLevelDocumenter.import_object(self)
         # if the class is documented under another name, document it
         # as data/attribute
-        self.doc_as_attr = (self.objpath[-1] != self.object.__name__)
+        if ret:
+            self.doc_as_attr = (self.objpath[-1] != self.object.__name__)
         return ret
     def format_args(self):


 Autodoc tests
+Just testing a few autodoc possibilities...
+.. automodule:: util
 .. automodule:: test_autodoc
 .. autofunction:: function
+.. autoclass:: Class
+   :inherited-members:
+   Additional content.
+.. autoclass:: Outer
+   :members: Inner
+.. autoattribute:: Class.docattr
+.. autoexception:: CustomEx
+   :members: f
+.. autoclass:: CustomDict
+   :show-inheritance:
+   :members:
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