Georg Brandl avatar Georg Brandl committed ffb145b

Closes #998: fix manpage writer in expectation of docutils 0.10 API change

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         # since self.append_header() is never called, need to do this here
+        # Overwrite admonition label translations with our own
+        for label, translation in admonitionlabels.items():
+            self.language.labels[label] = self.deunicode(translation)
     # overwritten -- added quotes around all .TH arguments
     def header(self):
         tmpl = (".TH \"%(title_upper)s\" \"%(manual_section)s\""
     def depart_seealso(self, node):
-    # overwritten -- use our own label translations
-    def visit_admonition(self, node, name=None):
-        if name:
-            self.body.append('.IP %s\n' %
-                             self.deunicode(admonitionlabels.get(name, name)))
     def visit_productionlist(self, node):
         names = []
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