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    Its name is ``html``.
+.. class:: DirectoryHTMLBuilder
+   This is a subclass of the standard HTML builder.  Its output is a directory
+   with HTML files, where each file is called ``index.html`` and placed in a
+   subdirectory named like its page name.  For example, the document
+   ``markup/rest.rst`` will not result in an output file ``markup/rest.html``,
+   but ``markup/rest/index.html``.  When generating links between pages, the
+   ``index.html`` is omitted, so that the URL would look like ``markup/rest/``.
+   Its name is ``dirhtml``.
+   .. versionadded:: 0.6
 .. class:: HTMLHelpBuilder
    This builder produces the same output as the standalone HTML builder, but
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