sphinx / sphinx / highlighting.py

Diff from to


         none = TextLexer(),
         python = PythonLexer(),
         pycon = PythonConsoleLexer(),
-        # the python3 option exists as of Pygments 1.0,
-        # but it doesn't do any harm in previous versions
         pycon3 = PythonConsoleLexer(python3=True),
         rest = RstLexer(),
         c = CLexer(),
         if self.dest == 'html':
             return formatter.get_style_defs('.highlight')
-            styledefs = formatter.get_style_defs()
-            # workaround for Pygments < 0.12
-            if styledefs.startswith('\\newcommand\\at{@}'):
-                styledefs += _LATEX_STYLES
-            return styledefs
+            return formatter.get_style_defs()
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