Doesn't install with Python 3.2 and 3.3 on Windows

anatoly techtonik avataranatoly techtonik created an issue

I can't install Sphinx with Python 3 on Windows at all. The errors are different. Error logs are attached.

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  1. anatoly techtonik

    Python 3.3 doesn't have a distribute version installed, so updating to version 0.30 helps.

    However, for Python 3.2 this won't help as it already contains outdated distribute installation that should be fixed.

    File "C:\Python32\lib\site-packages\distribute-0.6.13-py3.2.egg\setuptools\command\", line 1588, in get_script_header match = first_line_re.match(first) TypeError: can't use a bytes pattern on a string-like object

  2. Takayuki Shimizukawa

    anatoly techtonik you need newest distribute-0.6.30 in Python3 environment.

    My Sphinx-1.3.3 installation log with Python-3.2 on Windows7 is here:

    Python-3.3 log is here:

    Python-3.3 need docutils-0.10 (unreleased). docutils-0.9.1 (latest released version at 2012/11/2) is not work on Python-3.3.

    You can get docutils trunk source code from repository.

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