Embedded alias doesn't work for hyperlink markup

Anonymous avatarAnonymous created an issue

The reStructuredText Markup Specification states

A hyperlink reference may directly embed a target URI or (since Docutils 0.11) a hyperlink reference within angle brackets ("<...>") as follows:

   See the `Python home page <http://www.python.org>`_ for info.

   This `link <Python home page_>`_ is an alias to the link above.

If you try this in Sphinx the second line will generate a link to "_build/html/Pythonhomepage_" instead of the Python home page. What I really want to do is define a target like

.. _target:

and then use it with some alternate text like

This is `the link <target_>`_ you want.

This documentation indicates that should be possible but I can't get it to work, nor the documentation example. I checked that I am running 1.1.3.

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