Error when 'make html' with citation

Polo Yu avatarPolo Yu created an issue
  • Operation System: Windows XP pro SP3, win32, Chinese Simplified
  • Sphinx version: 1.2b1 ( Sphinx-1.2b1-py2.7.egg )
  • Python version: 2.7.5
  • Docutils version: 0.10 release (Auto installed by sphinx egg)
  • Jinja2 version: 2.7 (Auto installed by sphinx egg)

The paragraph below is copied from [docutils-0.10.tar.gz]/docutils-0.10/docs/user/rst/demo.txt (line 89~101)

The paragraph cannot 'make html' until I add a '|' at the beginning of the line ([CIT2002]_)...

Is it a bug?

Paragraphs contain text and may contain inline markup: *emphasis*,
**strong emphasis**, ``inline literals``, standalone hyperlinks
(, external hyperlinks (Python_), internal
cross-references (example_), external hyperlinks with embedded URIs
(`Python web site <>`__), footnote references
(manually numbered [1]_, anonymous auto-numbered [#]_, labeled
auto-numbered [#label]_, or symbolic [*]_), citation references
([CIT2002]_), substitution references (|example|), and _`inline
hyperlink targets` (see Targets_ below for a reference back to here).
Character-level inline markup is also possible (although exceedingly
ugly!) in *re*\ ``Structured``\ *Text*.  Problems are indicated by
|problematic| text (generated by processing errors; this one is

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