:numbering: and PDF

Chris Hancock avatarChris Hancock created an issue

When I use :numbering: in a TOC, PDFs generated using rst2pdf don't include section numbering.

It seems that docutils isn't generating the sectnum classes. I wonder if this is a case of just needing something to tell it to do so...

The sphinx documentation recommends not using the sectnum directive, and it doesn't work quite right anyway.

This bug might be related to this

There is an rst2pdf ticket here that might suggest that it is rst2pdf that needs to be fixed, but I wonder if there is a simple way to get sphinx to do something?

TBH, I'm not entirely sure what the interactions between sphinx, rst2pdf and docutils are. If sphinx interaction with docutils is strictly through rst2pdf, then close this ticket as irrelevant to sphinx, (though still any insight would be appreciated, as I would then need to attempt an rst2pdf ticket).


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