Need documentation for link markup with i18n

Takayuki Shimizukawa avatarTakayuki Shimizukawa created an issue

Link markup with i18n strategy recommendation should be added somewhere in the sphinx documentation.

>   Here's how you can `download Django`_.
>   .. _download Django:
> When translating, this is suboptimal, because if you translate "download
> Django" in the paragraph, the link is lost. So:
> 1. Is there a recommended practice about how to include i18n-friendly links
> in sphinx docs?

1a. Sphinx-1.2b1 already solved this problem.
However, if the two links with `title string`_ style are included in one sentence,
you can not change the order of the links in the translation.

1b. `download Django <link-target-url>`_ style link always work
(include Sphinx-1.1.x).

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