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Untranslatable strings

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The content of some tags are untranslatable (do not appear on .pot files). Examples: meta raw

In addition, embedded code (e.g. php) is also untranslatable. I understand some syntax could solve this, but it is unclear to me how to use it. This is a blocker for multilanguage websites. Does help?

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  1. paolo_cavallini

    Footer is solved in Sphinx 1.2 by using {{ gettext('text') }} in layout.html Manus must be defined by hand in layout, then they are also translatable. Main remaining issues I have are .. raw:: html and .. image:: blocks, where the above syntax does not seem to work: any workaround or fix? Thanks a lot.

  2. Takayuki Shimizukawa

    From #1265, add "labeled reference target" such as:

    Python is the one of `light weight language`_ .
    .. _light weight language:

    light weight language is not translatable.


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