External Link Footnotes Not Working in Definition List

Anonymous avatarAnonymous created an issue

When a definition list term is an external link, and the "latex_show_urls" option is set to "footnote", the generated PDF shows the footnote number next to the link, but fails to create a footnote at the bottom of the page.

The generated LaTeX looks like this:

\item[{\href{http://sphinx-doc.org}{Sphinx Website}\footnote{http://sphinx-doc.org}}] \leavevmode

If you change it to look like the following, then the footnote shows up a the bottom, but the number is a space away from the link:

\item[{\href{http://sphinx-doc.org}{Sphinx Website}}]\footnote{http://sphinx-doc.org} \leavevmode

I'm not fluent in LaTeX, so there might be a better solution that keeps the number next to the link while producing the footnote.

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