Allow internationalization of ''

fero14041 avatarfero14041 created an issue

It could be usefull to add a new POT template for marked as translatable strings in '' file.

Hi, Sphinx team.

At least in version 1.1.3, 'gettext' builder only creates POT templates for reStructuredText documents. But some configuration options, defined in '', also need to be translated, in order to enhance translatability of all parts of a given documentation. For example, such a need occurs at least for:

  • 'extlinks' mapping from 'sphinx.ext.extlinks',
  • project's name or copyright,
  • date and time.

It should be possible to let mark all desirable strings with '_()', where choice could all fall at project's discretion. 'gettext' builder then could generate a dedicated POT file, letting translators add translations for these strings. (I'm not sure of last step, for generation of e.g. HTML built files, with such a modified ''.)

What do you guys think about this idea, and then about its feasability?

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