WindowsError: [Error 5] Access is denied (static files, images)

Evgeny Prilepin avatarEvgeny Prilepin created an issue

I'm using version control system, which establishing "read only" attributes for project files after submission. I'm getting an error "WindowsError: [Error 5] Access is denied" under html build.

Part of output log:

writing additional files... genindex py-modindex np-modindex search
copying static files... 
Exception occurred:
  File "C:\Programs\Python27_x86\lib\", line 247, in rmtree
WindowsError: [Error 5] Access is denied: 'H:\\MyProject\\docs\\_build\\html\\_static\\images\\my_image.png'

The image file "my_image.png" is in version control (H:\\MyProject\\docs\\_static\\images\\my_image.png) and has "read only" attribute.

Comments (5)

  1. Evgeny Prilepin

    The problem is that Sphinx first copies static "read-only" files from "docs" directory (in version control) to "_build" directory (no version control) and then can't rewrite it files (rebuild failed).

    Sphinx could remove attribute "read only" from copied static files in "_build" directory. It would fix a problem.

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