:c:func:`delay` does not produce a reference

Ben Franksen avatarBen Franksen created an issue

I have a C function in my project that is named "delay". For this function, no reference to its documentation is generated when I say :c:func:delay. The feature works fine for all other functions, BTW.

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  1. Ben Franksen

    Sure, see below. BTW, I just found that this happens only if the section name above the function definition is the same as the function name. If I change the section name, the problem disappears. However, it does only happen if the name (of the function and section title) is 'delay', otherwise it works.

    This is the definition:

       .. c:function::
          boolean delay(double delay_in_seconds)

    And this is one instance of a reference:

       action code, but the effect is probably not what you want. For instance,
       calling :c:func:`delay` in action code does *not* introduce a delay at this
       point. Later versions of *snc* may output a warning or even stop with an

    The whole project including documentation sources is in a darcs repo at http://www-csr.bessy.de/control/SoftDist/sequencer/repo/branch-2-2

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