The translated message about :ref: tag is not reflected properly

kenhys avatarkenhys created an issue

How to reproduce:

% python -V
Python 2.7.4
% --version
Sphinx (sphinx-build) 1.2b3
revision of sphinx
% hg summary
parent: 4346:3eb248263c76 tip
 Backed out changeset cfe9e2d11003 refs #1265
branch: default
commit: (clean)
update: (current)
  1. generate sample by
  2. edit index.rst then add "* :ref:release-1-20 " entry.
  3. add news.rst then add following entry.
  .. _release-1-20:

  Release 1.20 - 2013/9/29


  * Supported something...


  * Fixed a bug that ....


  * sphinx
  1. edit and add locale_dirs= ["locale/"] setting.
  2. make gettext and prepare po and mo files. message string is translated into Japanese.
# ef1d0b9030e14cf098e4e1688f05d8a3
#: ../../news.rst:8
msgid "Release 1.20 - 2013/9/29"
msgstr "リリース 1.20 - 2013/9/29"
  1. make html (specify SPHINXOPTS = -Dlanguage=ja in Makefile)

Expected results:

generated link about :ref: tag is also translated.

<li><a class="reference internal" href="news.html#release-1-20"><em>リリース 1.20 - 2013/9/29</em></a></li>

Actual results:

generated link about :ref: tag is not translated.

<li><a class="reference internal" href="news.html#release-1-20"><em>Release 1.20 - 2013/9/29</em></a></li>

I've attached actual files which is used to report this issue.

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