Replace make with doit

Trevor Bekolay avatarTrevor Bekolay created an issue

My understanding of why Sphinx uses make / make.bat to generate artifacts is because it keeps track of things that have already been built so that it doesn't duplicate work.

I recently came across a Python tool called doit that shares this feature with make. I believe that it could be a very nice tool to use to get what Sphinx gets out of using make, but additionally keeps everything in Python-land, meaning that we wouldn't have both a Makefile and make.bat (everything would be in a file) and it would be easier to generate Sphinx docs from within Python programs (import run parts of

My understanding is likely not complete though; are there other compelling reasons to stick with make / make.bat? Are there other features that would be necessary before thinking about switching? If there aren't any issues, I'm happy to try to implement this!

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