sphinx-build --help : Aborted (core dumped)

Anonymous avatarAnonymous created an issue

Cannot rebuild our docs because sphinx-build keeps aborting.
This is under Cygwin but I got the same behavior under Linux Mint.

$ sphinx-build --help
Sphinx v1.2b1
Usage: /usr/bin/sphinx-build [options] sourcedir outdir [filenames...]

General options
-b <builder>  builder to use; default is html
-a            write all files; default is to only write new and changed files
-E            don't use a saved environment, always read all files
-d <path>     path for the cached environment and doctree files
                (default: outdir/.doctrees)
-j <N>        build in parallel with N processes where possible

Build configuration options
-c <path>           path where configuration file (conf.py) is located
                      (default: same as sourcedir)
-C                  use no config file at all, only -D options
-D <setting=value>  override a setting in configuration file
-t <tag>            define tag: include "only" blocks with <tag>
-A <name=value>     pass a value into the templates, for HTML builder
-n                  nit-picky mode, warn about all missing references

Console output options
-v         increase verbosity (can be repeated)
-q         no output on stdout, just warnings on stderr
-Q         no output at all, not even warnings
-w <file>  write warnings (and errors) to given file
-W         turn warnings into errors
-T         show full traceback on exception
-N         do not emit colored output
-P         run Pdb on exception

Filename arguments
* without -a and without filenames, write new and changed files.
* with -a, write all files.
* with filenames, write these.

Standard options
-h, --help  show this help and exit
--version   show version information and exit

For more information, see <http://sphinx-doc.org/>.
Aborted (core dumped)

An empty stackdump file is created in the working folder.

Tried older versions, same thing. A detailed error message would be nice.

Comments (3)

  1. Takayuki Shimizukawa

    I can't reproduce the core dump issue on bellow environments:

    • OS X + Python-2.7.5 that is distributed by python.org
    • Ubuntu-12.04 + Pythnon-2.7.5 (self built from python.org source)

    Unfortunately I don't have Cygwin and Mint environment. Please let me know to reproduce the issue. Thanks.

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