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Formatting "template <typename T>" part of C++ declarations

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I understand this is a pretty subjective request, but I would like to be able to specify a C++ function with template parameters like:

.. cpp:function:: template <typename T>

And have it render as:

template <typename T>

Currently it will render as two separate functions in the final output or if you put it on one line then it comes out as one line:

template <typename T> SymmetricAerodynamics::set_kind()

In other documentation tools (eg. doxygen) and generally in C++ code layout the template< typename T> part goes on the line above. I would also be happy to specify it on one line and have Sphinx automatically insert the line break.

If this seems like a reasonable thing to support then I would be happy to try to look into implementing it. My interest is in part driven by my work on the Breathe Sphinx extension which generally deals with C++ and would benefit from this multi-line support in the rendering of desc_signature node.

I realise the impact of this change my be considered to be breaking/changing current behaviour and so cannot be done.

Cheers, Michael

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