ePubs does not validate due to references to images

Jan Ulrich Hasecke avatarJan Ulrich Hasecke created an issue

epubcheck 3.0.1 throws errors validating Sphinx epubs, because images are referenced, which seems to be not allowed

This is code generated by Sphinx 1.2b3:

<a class="reference internal image-reference" href="_images/sphinx-logo.png"><img alt="_images/sphinx-logo.png" src="_images/sphinx-logo.png" style="width: 160.0px;" />

is causing this error:

ERROR: ../../_build/epub/Sphinx.epub/abbildungen.html(48,78): hyperlink to non-standard resource '_images/sphinx-logo.png' of type 'image/png'

While this code produced by another tool validates without errors.

<img alt=" " src="images/images.png" width="600" height="734" />

It seems to me that the href-tag should not be included in the code.

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