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Clarify the need to add sphinx.ext.intersphinx in documentation

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It took me about 3 hours to find that answer on stack overflow

Please, make it clear that sphinx.ext.intersphinx must be added to extensions list if you want to make a link to other document (not other site, just your own reST file).

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  1. peterdemin reporter

    Thank you, Takayuki, it is nice introduction to intersphinx. I haven't found any misspellings.

    But it lacks crucial part about extending :ref: scope to whole project instead of single document.

    From what I read, I would think, that it can be used only for links to external sources (other sites).

    Example from linked StackOverflow question illustrates precisely what I mean:

        File: some_file.rst
    .. _ref-section:
    Some Section
    Paragraph, foo bar lorem ipsum.
        File: some_other_file.rst
    .. seealso:: :ref:`ref-section`

    That :ref: will work only if you enable sphinx.ext.intersphinx.

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