reST container directive for latex output

Camille Gouttebroze avatarCamille Gouttebroze created an issue


reST container directive does not work for latex output.

A patch to solve the issue is attached.

Regards, Camille

Comments (2)

  1. Florian Oppermann

    I added another three lines of code for generating labels for the :name: option. Unfortunately I don't know how to convert the node.get('names') to a proper reference identifier. Therefore I used node.get('ids') which contains the parsed name but also contains identifiers from ordinary labels. This leads to multiple labels when a container gets a label not via :name:. It was the best solution I could find quickly.

    ids = node.get('ids', [])
    for Id in ids:
      self.body.append( '\n' + self.hypertarget(Id) )
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