Allow selectively suppressing warnings

Nikolaus Rath avatarNikolaus Rath created an issue


When using markup like :envvar:, I often do not have a corresponding reference target (e.g. when referring to LD_CONFIG or PATH). This leaves me with the choice of either getting a spurious warning during build, or not tagging these variables correctly.

It would be great if Sphinx would allow me to selectively suppress such warnings. I imagine the least intrusive change would be to just introduce a list of "known missing" targets in If a target is missing, sphinx would check this list and only issue a warning if the target is not in there.

Comments (5)

  1. Georg Brandl

    I think it should do, with two little fixes I'll do shortly:

    • when changing nitpick_ignore, you had to do "make clean" before Sphinx gets the new value, with the fix it works with normal incremental rebuild.
    • for "std" domain roles you would have to use an entry like ('std:envvar', 'LD_CONFIG'); with the fix you can also use ('envvar', 'LD_CONFIG').
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