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Add new default theme

Georg Brandl
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Dave Snider and Eric Holscher have graciously agreed to including a slightly altered version of the new RTD theme (which has a nicely responsive layout) as the new default for 1.3.

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  1. ericholscher

    Will this be included to replace the 'default' theme, or will we ship it as 'rtd' or something, and then just have the html_theme value default to that?

  2. Georg Brandl reporter

    I think the second will be more backwards-compatibility friendly. Since sphinx-quickstart generates a not-commented-out "html_theme = 'default'", old docs will not suddenly change appearance, but for new docs quickstart will generate "default_new" or "rtd" or however it is called.

    Teaches me not to ever call something that might change easily "default" :)

  3. ericholscher

    I believe the theme doesn't support some of the options that Sphinx supports. We should go through and make sure the config options are added to the theme, so that users aren't confused when they update. The main issue is the concept of editable sidebars isn't used, since we have the TOCTree on that side.

    I think it might be easier to include alabaster ( as the default, since it is a more "classical" Sphinx theme. I'd be up for discussing these issues though.

  4. Georg Brandl reporter

    It's not necessary that all options are supported (such as left/right sidebar) if the theme doesn't silently replace the previous default one in existing projects.

    The sidebars might be a problem though; I think that many people are using some kind of customization there.

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