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If I use "sphinx.ext.napoleon" "See Also" sections are only boxed yellowish with bold font and the function names are not automatically converted to references, like they are with "numpydoc" (I did not try using a role like :func: for a would have had to convert all sections then).

Using napoleon together with numpydoc causes some other issues (parameters are printed bold and additionally I get two double asterix (**) around them) so it would be great if napoleon could parse the see also section like numpydoc does.

Version 1.3a0

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  1. Rob Ruana

    Closes #1384: Parse and interpret See Also section the way NumpyDoc does

    The NumpyDoc extension that is developed by the Numpy folks does a lot of extra work interpreting See Also sections. It assumes that the contents of the See Also will always be references to other functions/classes and it tries to deduce what is being referenced.

    I've ported their implementation for See Also sections written in the Numpy style. There is NO extra interpretation done for See Also sections that are written using the Google style.

    → <<cset efb88c8d28a9>>

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