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Search won't work in Explorer 11

Anonymous created an issue

The Search function loops and loops without returning any search results in Explorer 11 browser.

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  1. Ian Lewis

    I see exactly this same issue when using search on a tiny Sphinx project built under Windows 7 with IE 11 with Sphinx 1.2.2 under Python 2.7.6. All updates applied to Windows/IE as of 2014/08/10.

    One additional symptom: if the search fails, then the nothing found result comes back correctly.

    The files are located in the Windows file system.

    The same build when loaded into FireFox 31.0 works as expected.

  2. Ian Lewis

    Changing to jQuery-1.11.1 works fine for me in IE11 on a local file system.

    Thank you for finding the problem and determining an easy work around.

  3. Takayuki Shimizukawa

    jQuery deprecated features are described here:

    According to my research, Sphinx is using features that are deprecated from jQuery-1.9 :

    • websupport.js: .live() is deprecated. It should be replaced as: $('css').live('click', function) -> $(document).on('click', 'css', function)
    • doctools.js: $.browser is deprecated. It is used for fixing firefox bug:

    Therefore, changing to jQuery-1.11.1 with Sphinx-1.2.x doesn't support "WebSupport" and "Fixing firefox bug". We will support these features in Spihnx-1.3 with jQuery-1.11.1.

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