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Add support for Epytext in Napoleon extension

Rob Ruana
created an issue

I received a suggestion from a Sphinx user to add support for Epytext in Napoleon:

I really liked the old Epydoc format. The PyCharm IDE also supports reST and Epytext, which is another reason why I like Epytext more than the Google and NumPy styles.

Have you ever thought about adding support for Epytext keywords such as @param and @type in napoleon? Do you think that it might be feasible to implement such functionality given the current architecture of napoleon?

I think this is an excellent idea, and it doesn't seem unfeasible to me. A quick google search shows that this is not an uncommon desire.

The work to support Epytext in Napoleon will be submitted as a pull request for final approval.

Does anyone have any objections?

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  1. John Vandenberg

    If you only need epydoc fields (param/type/return, etc) to parse correctly, I've written a very small plugin which does that.

    I've only added enough syntax support for the one project I'm working on at the moment (, but I'll be adding more for my own needs, and don't mind getting it to support another open source project that still uses epytext and is looking for a documentation solution.

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