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:std:event: links do not work

Brian Mearns
created an issue

This inventory file at lists several entries whose role is :std:event: (for instance :std:event:autodoc-skip-member), but attempting to include these links in a sphinx rest source file does not work correctly.

For instance, I have the following in my rest:


With the following intersphinx configuration in

intersphinx_mapping = {
    'python': ('', None),
    'sphinx': ('', None),

It gets rendered in HTML as:

<a href="#id1">
    <span id="id2" class="problematic">:std:event:`sphinx:autodoc-skip-member`</span>

Notice it does not link to the correct location (targets an anchor on the same page, instead of the intended location on the sphinx-doc stie), and the link text is the entire rest link code, instead of just the expected "autodoc-skip-member."

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