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unexplained error: no such option -b

ya Ga
created an issue

Hey All

Upon executing the command - make html I get the following message: error: no such option -b

I don't understand what this means. Before i got this i got en error about an undefined function but the build completed. After i fixed the error and tried to run make again i got this. I even tried to delete the problematic lines but i still get this.

please help


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  1. Takayuki Shimizukawa
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    I think this issue is same as #1226. I guess the your documentation importing some kind of console script that receive <firmware name> for first argument. If it's true, this issue can't be closed from the sphinx side.

  2. ya Ga reporter

    Hey All

    The problem was an unhandled exception while import. I added a try except block and made all the imports in it and it solved the problem.


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