Issue #18 resolved

Experimental patch to make the latexwriter render footnotes inline

Georg Brandl
repo owner created an issue

I'm trying to modify the latex writer in an attempt to render the footnotes inline, rather than at the end of the section, which doesn't make a lot of sense in a page-oriented medium like PDF.

What I've done is to make the start_of_file node contain the per-source-file nodes, rather than being a sibling of them. This allows the writer to track per-source-file state (such as the list of footnotes): on visiting start_of_file, I call traverse to collect up references to all the footnote definitions, then when I encounter a footnote_reference, I'll call the walkabout method on the previously collected footnote.

I've done some quick tests, and the approach results in no obvious problems - I just wondered if you forsee any problems with what I'm doing?

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