Fatal Exception Error When Processing TurboGears 2.1 Docs

Michael Pedersen avatarMichael Pedersen created an issue

I didn't mark the milestone or the component, because I'm not sure when it should be fixed, or which component produces the problem.

I do know that the tg2.1 docs have an issue with Sphinx 0.6, though. My testing did show me that, and that the problem did not exist in 0.5.2. So, I wrote up a script to test a specific revision (not very complex, shown below), and then used the bisect extension in mercurial to track it down.

It turns out that revision 535b00f47cb0 is the exact revision that introduced the problem. When you run the bisect extension, you only need to do the following:

hg bisect -r ; hg up 0.6 ; hg bisect -b ; hg up 0.5.2 ; hg bisect -g' hg bisect -c /path/to/script

The script itself, as I said, is simple, and here it is: source $HOME/src/tg20env/bin/activate cd $HOME/src/sphinx python setup.py install >/dev/null 2>&1 cd $HOME/src/tg_2_1_docs/docs make html >/dev/null 2>&1 exit $?

It does rely on your having a virtualenv at $HOME/src/tg20env, and having a copy of the tg2.1 docs at $HOME/src/tg_2_1_docs, but that's it.

Unfortunately, revision 535b00f47cb0 is too long for me to dig through immediately (1400 line diff). I will try to do so later, but am unable to promise anything. Hopefully, if not me, someone can resolve it at some point.

Thank you.

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