Issue #25 resolved

unescaped quotes in TOC node titles in .hhc file (htmlhelp)

Georg Brandl
repo owner created an issue

Reported by trentm, Oct 08, 2008

What steps will reproduce the problem?

Build the Python docs' "htmlhelp" target:

cd python/Doc make htmlhelp

What is the expected output? What do you get instead?

The created .hhc (Table of Contents file for HTML Help) has unescaped double-quotes in node "value" attributes. For example you'll see something like this:

<param name="Name" value=""Compiled" Python files">

That makes the .hhc file invalid XML. While I believe the MS Help compiler (hhc.exe) is fine with that -- it makes it a pain to do any post-processing on the .hhc file. :)

Attached is a proposed patch to fix this that transforms double-quotes to '&quot;'.

Here is the bug for this on ActivePython:

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