autosummary: include directives

timmie avatartimmie created an issue

.. include:: directive does not work in templates for autosummay whereas .. literalinclude:: works quite well.

I created a stub file template which takes automatically pregenerated input files.

The temaplate looks like:


{{ fullname }}
{{ underline }}

.. automodule:: {{ fullname }}

.. literalinclude:: ../input/files/{{ fullname }}.txt

This works quite well and all files referenced by relative paths are beng found.

If change to

{{ fullname }}
{{ underline }}

.. automodule:: {{ fullname }}

.. include:: ../input/files/{{ fullname }}.txt

include in order to get ReST support I get an error:

C:\code\myproject\doc\source\_templates\autosummary_template_scripts.rst:: (SEVERE/4) Problems with "include" directive path:
IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: u'source/_templates/input/files/{{ fullname }}.txt'.

Why does this happen? A misconfiguration or a bug?

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