smartypants: closing double quote not recognized

alexander smishlajev avataralexander smishlajev created an issue

The smartypants module does not recognize closing double quote immediately preceded with a roled text and followed by a punctuation character, like comma or closing bracket.


A quote from 'SPECTRUM': "The word :term:`say`
is the same as the word :term:`tell`".

Comments (5)

  1. Matt Williams

    I can confirm this with 1.0b2. The closing quote is correctly outside of the <em></em> (caused by the :term: role) but it is displayed as an opening quote.

    The same thing happens if you do:

    A quote from 'SPECTRUM': "The word *say*
    is the same as the word *tell*".
  2. Georg Brandl
    • changed status to open
    • changed component to html
    • changed milestone to 1.x

    Yes, unfortunately. smartypants is not applied across node boundaries, so it only sees a piece of text starting with a quote. I'm not sure how to fix that.

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