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Makefile and variables from shell

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I want to set the SPHINXBUILD variable from a shell script before building the doc, something like: {{{ export SPHINXBUILD=/path/to/sphinx-build make html }}} But the Makefile do not use the value.

Do I miss something ?

I've checked the make manual and the variable declaration should be replace from: {{{ SPHINXBUILD = sphinx-build }}} to: {{{ SPHINXBUILD ?= sphinx-build }}} It's the conditional variable assignment operator: the value is only set if the variable is undefined. I've updated the generated Makefile and it's works.

I'm using GNU Make 3.81 on debian etch.

Regards, fredj

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  1. Georg Brandl repo owner

    The "?=" syntax is not portable among Make implementations.

    You can, however, put the variables on the make command line; they will always overwrite the ones in the Makefile in that case:

    make html SPHINXBUILD=/path/to/sphinx-build

    or, if SPHINXBUILD is set by some calling program,

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