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Support autodoc extraction for instance attributes set in __init__

Georg Brandl
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  1. ciantic

    Now I must ask, what is the syntax... for especially :type:? (I'm at the very moment trying to convert EpyDoc docstrings to Sphinx)

    I tried and it is not like this:

    # ...
        def __init__(self):
            """Create foo"""
            self.is_private = False
            """Is private?
            :type: bool
            self.somevariable = "bar"
            """Some cool variable.
            :type: string

    I took that from my magic hat (that is EpyDoc hat)... Most notable is the fact that :type: (or Shea R) does not take argument.

    I also noticed that it also ignores notes such as ":note: Something", hmm...

  2. Anonymous

    ciantic From the unit tests:

    def __init__(self, arg):
      #: a documented instance attribute
      self.inst_attr_comment = None
      self.inst_attr_string = None
      """a documented instance attribute"""
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