man pages as build target

Gregg Lind avatarGregg Lind created an issue

Does Sphinx have the capability of building man pages? (If so, it seems to be well hidden!)

If not, what is a good approach for plugging this in. I'm willing to take this on, but I'm still learning sphinx and man.

Is this something Sphinx *should* support, or should this just be lower down. I'd like it to be that if I have sphinx installed, I can build any kind of documentation I might need, even if the tools for doing so are buried in some extension.

Comments (2)

  1. Georg Brandl

    Yes, a manpage builder would be nice. There even is a docutils manpage writer, so the basic work has been done.

    It remains to decide how to configure it (which documents should be made into manpages), and to write the complete writer that knows Sphinx-specific nodes.

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