:mod: role does not create link in html output

ah77 avatarah77 created an issue

I've followed the examples in the Sphinx documentation, but no links are being generated for the :mod: role in my html output. Links are only generated for the :func: role. I apologize if this is not the right forum; I cannot find anyplace else for help with this issue. Thank you.

Here is my rst source:

``pycrackabq`` API

The :mod:`pycrackabq.caetools` Module -------------------------------------

.. module:: pycrackabq.caetools

Contains tools for modeling cracks in Abaqus/CAE.

The :mod:`pycrackabq.viewertools` Module ----------------------------------------

.. module:: pycrackabq.viewertools

Contains tools related to fracture mechanics and crack growth that are tied to Abaqus/Viewer, such as stress gradient extraction and determining the crack orientation based on principal directions. link to :obj:`pycrackabq.caetools` module. link to :func:`pycrackabq.fracmech.nasgro_fcgr` link. link to :mod:`pycrackabq.fracmech` module.

The :mod:`pycrackabq.ksolutions` Module ---------------------------------------

.. module:: pycrackabq.ksolutions

A repository for stress intensity factor (K) solutions.

The :mod:`pycrackabq.fracmech` Module -------------------------------------

.. automodule:: pycrackabq.fracmech :members:

The :mod:`pycrackabq.common` Module -----------------------------------

.. module:: pycrackabq.common

Miscellaneous tools that are used across other modules.

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  1. Anonymous

    I just split the file 'api.rst' into separate documents: one for each module (literally just cut and paste, then put :toctree:: directive in 'api.rst'.

    Now the module links areproperly created. Is there a reason the module hyperlinks were not created by :mod: when the automodule directives were all in one rst file, but it works when they are in separate files?

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