fails to deal with non-ascii charactor

SHIBUKAWA Yoshiki avatarSHIBUKAWA Yoshiki created an issue

When using language option, I encountered following error. I tested zh_TW/zh_CN/fr, error will occur all of them. Same error is occured when make latex/make json and so on.

(clean)shibukawa-yoshiki-no-MacBook:doc shibu$ make html
python ../ -b html -d _build/doctrees    . _build/html
Running Sphinx v1.0pre/7df6656ed774+
loading translations [ja]... done
loading pickled environment... done
building [html]: targets for 40 source files that are out of date
updating environment: [config changed] 40 added, 0 changed, 0 removed
reading sources... [  2%] builders                      
Sphinx error:
'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xe3 in position 4: ordinal not in range(128)
make: *** [html] Error 1

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  1. SHIBUKAWA Yoshiki

    Error was occured at _TranslationProxy.unicode at sphinx/locale/ I can escape the error like this(but this is bad solution you should get encoding from

    def __unicode__(self):
        return unicode(, 'utf-8')
  2. SHIBUKAWA Yoshiki

    Hi istihza,

    I tested Turkish, but I can't find your error. I tested sphinx's doc folder. Is there test case project?

    I think ignore option hide and leave the problem unfixed.

  3. istihza

    Hello shibu,

    I tested the Turkish option on an Ubuntu Lucid system, and I received the above error. However, when I tested this option on a Windows computer, there was no error, and all was fine. It might be that the error I received was specific to my system. This evening I will have a second chance to test the Turkish option on the Ubuntu system, and I will write back here.

    By the way, thanks for testing the Turkish option.

  4. istihza

    It seems that the above-mentioned error is specific to my Ubuntu installation. The latest Sphinx ran flawlessly on another Ubuntu system with fresh install of Sphinx.

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