HTML Builder causes stomach when eating non-ascii charactor

SHIBUKAWA Yoshiki avatarSHIBUKAWA Yoshiki created an issue

HTML builder was down when using Japanese source file. This files can be accepted when rev.2130. It is occured when "make html" and "make singlehtml".

The error point is differenct from "#421"

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  1. SHIBUKAWA Yoshiki

    Error was occurred at string formatting with % operators.

    There are points cause of errors. You can escape error to add unicode function call with encoding like this(you should proper encoding from

        def depart_desc_signature(self, node):
            if node['ids'] and self.add_permalinks and self.builder.add_permalinks:
                self.body.append(u'<a class="headerlink" href="#%s" '
                                 % node['ids'][0] +
                                 u'title="%s">\u00B6</a>' %
                                 unicode(_('Permalink to this definition'), 'utf-8'))

    I am searching the positions. Following list is under examination:

    • line 72 in sphinx/locale/ mod()
    • line 87 in sphinx/writers/ depart_desc_signature()
    • line 482 in sphinx/writers/ depart_title()
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