broken path when parsing multiple images such foo.*

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I'm using sphinx to generate html and latex documentation. I'm interested in using the multiple image/figure ability of sphinx:

  .. figure:: ../images/fig.*

This generates the following error : WARNING: image file not readable: images/fig.png

if I put in the full path ../images/fig.png or ../images/fig.jpg I got no problem though. Looking at the error message, it seems that the pictures are just not found when using the fig.* syntax.

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  1. Anonymous

    This is still broken in 1.0.3. process_images computes the correct path from srcdir, but it appears Sphinx is using the path from srcdir as the link to the image. If you're down a level, this causes the link to be broken. I think the link needs to be computed as a relative path from the page location.

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