smartypants and html title

Marcin Wojdyr avatarMarcin Wojdyr created an issue

I have .rst with title:

.. title:: foo --- bar

and smartypants are enabled: html_use_smartypants = True

All "---"'s in the html body are translated to — but the same symbol in the title is replaced with unicode char 8212 (I'd prefer html entity).

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  1. Marcin Wojdyr
    • changed status to open

    Not if `html_output_encoding` is different than utf-8.

    The related issue is that special html characters (<&) in the title are not escaped. I don't know if it's intended, but at least it's different than in the body.

  2. Georg Brandl

    <&> are certainly escaped in the title. (That may have been a bug in an earlier version.)

    I understand that you cannot put all possible characters in a page encoded with e.g. latin1, but why would you set html_output_encoding to that encoding then?

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