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HTML search not working

Howard Butler
created an issue

Search doesn't currently work on either 1.0b2 or 1.0b2+/7473a3e2e009 Firebug complains with



Search.loadIndex is not a function file:///Users/hobu/svn/msdocs.56/build/html/en/search.html?q=mapfile&check_keywords=yes&area=default Line 31


loadIndex doesn't seem to exist anymore.

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  1. Anonymous

    I have the same problem with 1.0b2, both locally, and on the server that Howard refers to ( On both machines the /_static/searchtools.js file does not contain the loadIndex function.

    But then I asked myself "where does this /_static/searchtools.js file come from?". So on my local machine I found several versions of this file in my C:/Python26/ folder:


    Our 1.0b2 copies contain the function, but our older ones do not.

    I believe this means that uses a theme from pre-sphinx-1.0, and that we'll have to upgrade. Am I correct?

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