Issue #480 resolved

intersphinx: tilde formatting broken

Matthias Troffaes
created an issue

When using intersphinx, then {{{:exc:~exceptions.ValueError}}} gets formatted as {{{exceptions.ValueError}}} instead of {{{ValueError}}}. Possible fix attached (against current tip), although it makes the test suite fail:

{{{ AssertionError: assert isinstance(<reference: <emphasis...>>, <module 'docutils.nodes' from '/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/docutils/nodes.pyc'>.reference) assert <reference: <emphasis...>>['refuri'] == '' assert <reference: <emphasis...>>['reftitle'] == '(in foo v2.0)'

assert <reference: <emphasis...>>[0].astext() == 'module1.func' }}}

I'm not sure what is intended here, but at first sight, it appears to be bug in the test suite: if {{{contnode}}} has {{{'foo'}}} as text, shouldn't {{{rn[0].astext()}}} return {{{'foo'}}} as well?

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